Hi All! Just wanted to let you know I am doing FREE sessions for Military families through Christmas. If you know someone out there that has a spouse that is deployed and wants photos of theirself with their kids or just pics of the kids I want to shoot them! Not only will I be doing the session free but I'll also be making a show of the images (if they want me to ) to share with them overseas. Holidays are an even tougher time four our service Men and Women and I would love to give them amazing art of their family to make their holiday a little brighter. Spread the word and tell them to call me asap, I'll take good care of them, but then again you already knew that right!

Thanks Friends!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shooting for Soldiers: Kat, Greyson & Rockwell

What an awesome family!  Nathan is Deployed in Afgahnistan and will be over the holidays so we made him a video he can watch with them to hopefully bring him a little closer to home.  I am so proud of this show!  Thank you a million times over Kat for allowing me to do this for you and Nathan.  I can't wait to shoot all four of you together when he gets home!  God Bless Nathan and all our troops this Christmas - Please come home safe everyone. -Nick

Monday, December 17, 2012

Laura and John's E-Session

What a fun couple!  We must have shot 2 hours at least, they let me take them wherever I wanted to go, and we hit one little spot they wanted to in Oakwood.  Laura and John are one of the cutest couples I've met.  I get to shoot with them this June which I know will be a blast, the E-Session sure was! -Nick

Veronica and Jeff's E-Session

Veronica is an old friend from the last job I had prior to opening my own studio about 10 years ago.  She's a sweetie and I was really happy to get a cal from her over the summer about shooting her wedding in May.  Glad we could shoot their E-Session this year before it got too cold!  See you guys in May! -Nick

Ashley and Ryan's Pre-E-Session in Lebanon

 Met Ashley and Ryan at Amanda and Tom's wedding in October.  We quickly booked her for next July cause we were already looking forward to working with her after talking the little we did the night of Amanda and Tom's wedding.  Just a few for their Save the Dates - the Spring will bring our real E-Session!  -Nick

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Katie and Carey's E-Session in Columbus

Shooting for Soldiers: The Brandt famliy

 I got the pleasure of shooting for the Brandts when a friend told them about 808 Studios' Shooting for Soldiers.  We shoot free sittings for military families for free so they can share them  with their parent that's deployed.  Luckily for the Brandts Chris is here, which certainly made the session a more happy one!  What cute girls, they were so energetic! I mean REALLY energetic!  It was awesome to shoot with the whole family for one of these sesssions for a change, really great to be able to tell Chris "thanks for your service" and shake his hand. -Nick