Hi All! Just wanted to let you know I am doing FREE sessions for Military families through Christmas. If you know someone out there that has a spouse that is deployed and wants photos of theirself with their kids or just pics of the kids I want to shoot them! Not only will I be doing the session free but I'll also be making a show of the images (if they want me to ) to share with them overseas. Holidays are an even tougher time four our service Men and Women and I would love to give them amazing art of their family to make their holiday a little brighter. Spread the word and tell them to call me asap, I'll take good care of them, but then again you already knew that right!

Thanks Friends!

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Ashley and Adam in C-bus!

I met Ashley and Adam up in Columbus last week for their E-session. What a totally adorable couple they are!! They are so cute together and I saw this right away in our first meeting here at the studio. We went to the ice cream shop up there that they got dessert on their first date, Jeni's Spendid Ice Cream. I tried a sample of the salty carmel. It was delicious! Shooting their wedding is going to be so much fun! I'm looking forward to October for all the great weddings I have that month.. Check back then for more from this adorable pair! See you then! ~Lauren

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chelsea and Rocky

Chelsea and Rocky got married on July 10Th. It was a beautiful day all around and so much fun. Chelsea looked totally amazing! The two of them are so perfect for each other and they are just so friendly and kind! They got married at Weaver chapel on the campus of Wittenberg University. There were so many great places for us to shoot there and I love the chapel. It is just so beautiful inside and very unique. The reception was a great time and make sure to check out the photos of Chelsea and her dad dancing at the reception... They make me tear up every time I look at them, the two of them are totally adorable. Congrats Chelsea and Rocky. To see the rest of the images from their wedding simply click here. ~Lauren

Baby Bobbie!

One of my best friends and 7 year ago wedding clients, Leah and Scott, had their first baby, Bobbie. They were able to make down to the studio so we could do some pictures of them and Bobbie together. It was great to see them since I hadn't seen Leah in over a year and Scott in over 3 years. We had fun taking pictures and catching up with each other!
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Baby James!

Kate and Kirk had their second baby, James just a few months back. I had an opportunity to go photograph the whole family in their home. They are getting pretty good at having cute little boys!
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Holly and Nathan in Indiana

I'm so glad I had June 20th open, I got to shoot Holly and Nathan! They are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. It makes me so happy to be a part of the coming together of such an adorable couple. It was the perfect setting for a small and very intimate ceremony. I wish it would've been a little cooler for us all but we had enough time to shoot where and what we wanted too, and managed more than a few water breaks throughout the day. My favorite part of the day was shooting Holly and Nathan on the chicken coop right off the road, down from Chateau Pomije. It had this really unique pale green color that just meshed nicely with Holly's gown. Made for some fantastic work! Thanks a million Holly and Nathan! You two were so wonderful to work with and I'm so glad we met! Enjoy the images! click here to view the show full size. click here to view all the photos.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Leanne and Andy

I met Leanne and Andy in downtown Dayton for their engagement pictures. I had fun talking with them and shooting at some of my favorite places! They are a fun couple and really enjoy being with each other. Lookin forward to the wedding in February, see you soon!
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Laurel and David

Laurel and David got married at one of the prettiest churches in the area, Normandy Church! We had so much fun shooting with them at the awesome church and the old packard car they had out front. They are a cute couple who really enjoy being around each other and you can tell they have a great time when they are together! It was a gorgeous day and a gorgeous wedding. Laurel did a great job picking the perfect dress! It was a fun day for us and we enjoyed shooting with them!
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Laurel and David, thank you so much for having us with you all day. We love shooting at Normandy, but love it even more when its a really cute couple like you! Wish you guys the best!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Allison and Andres at Carillon Park!

Allison and Andres got married in outside at Carillon Park on fathers day! One of the coolest parts was her dads involvement in their wedding. Not only did he walk her down the aisle, he drove her to the aisle in a really awesome old car! Then after giving her away, he did the whole ceremony and married them! It was a really unique fathers day wedding with a fathers involvement. You can tell by looking at Allison and Andres that they love each other so much and are always happy to be around one another. They are two of the happiest people I know and it was so fun working with them in a great location!
Enjoy the photos!
Allison and Andres, thank you for letting us spend the day with you two! You were such a fun couple and great to work with. Thank you so much for giving us time to shoot with you at Carillon! Wish you both nothing but the best in your life together! Oh and I hope the books your dad made you two are coming in handy!
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lyndsey and Joe

Lyndsey and Joe got married on Memorial Day weekend, and since Joe is a Marine it was perfect! Blake and I had so much fun talking with Joe all day about his job and how Marines do things. They were so excited to see each other and it made for a great reveal. It was obvious that Joe loves Lyndsey so much and if anyone had any doubt about that it was gone after his speech at the reception! They are such a great couple and they were so much fun to work with for the day.
Lyndsey and Joe, thank you so much for making our jobs so easy and having fun on your wedding day! Thank you guys for sacrificing so much to be with each other. Joe, thank you so much for your service and for protecting our country and our rights so we can be able to do the things we love to do everyday.
Enjoy the photos! Click here to view the show full size. Click here to view all the photos.

Kasey and Nick in Logan, OH!

Kasey and Nick got married in Logan near Hocking Hills. We had so much fun shooting in this old industrial area near the church! Nick could have made a Dodge commercial when he drove his truck through these huge water puddles! You could really see both Kasey and Nicks personalities represented in the details of the wedding which made everything perfect. We made a stop by the cabin they were staying in and had a spectacular view to use as a background! The best part of the day was when they drove off in their dune buggy after the reception. Kasey was wearing a brand new beautiful white dress (not her wedding dress) which Nick managed to cover in mud! It made for awesome photos and the most unique ring shot ever!
Nick and Kasey, thank you so much for treating us like family all day and being so flexible. You gave us the time we needed to work and we had a blast with the two of you! Click here to view the show full size. Click here to view all the photos

Lyndsie and Andrew

Lyndsie and Andrew got married in early June on a cruise in the Bahamas. I wish I could been there, it sounds like they had an amazing time. After they got back we had this awesome day where I got to photograph them and their bridal party all day and then go to their fantastic reception that was held for all the family and friends who couldn't go on the trip with them. We went to this great park in Chillicothe and then spent time in downtown Chillicothe on main street. It was a absolute blast spending the day with these two and their family and friends. Everyone was so kind and friendly, we just felt like part of the family. Thanks to this awesome couple for such a great day and for being people they are! It is such a joy to work with a pair as special and kind as them! Congrats to you both and to see and enjoy all the rest of the images of this beautiful couple just click here. Thanks!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

(the rest of) Laura and Josh's E-Session!

I had fun shooting Laura and Josh the first time in the snow, but just a few days ago I got to finish the engagement session with them! I found a couple new places to shoot with them near my favorite spot so it was fun having something new to work with. They are a fun couple and are great to work with. Hope you enjoy the photos!