Hi All! Just wanted to let you know I am doing FREE sessions for Military families through Christmas. If you know someone out there that has a spouse that is deployed and wants photos of theirself with their kids or just pics of the kids I want to shoot them! Not only will I be doing the session free but I'll also be making a show of the images (if they want me to ) to share with them overseas. Holidays are an even tougher time four our service Men and Women and I would love to give them amazing art of their family to make their holiday a little brighter. Spread the word and tell them to call me asap, I'll take good care of them, but then again you already knew that right!

Thanks Friends!

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kristen and Josh

What a beautiful wedding! It was a little warm at St Mary's (No AC!!) But that just made us a little more creative with shooting a few in the basement! Plus, it's been a long time since I've shot inside the church much before the wedding, nice to get some different things! We hit Wegerzyn gardens for a bit before heading to the reception and the groomsmen brought the cooler of drinks so everyone was happy! Got some great stuff! Thanks Kristen and Josh! We had so much fun shooting and sweating with you! To view all the images, click here.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Katy and Alex

Katy and Alex got married last month in Dayton and we had so much fun with them! Katy is the sister of another bride of mine from a few years ago so it was really great to see all of the family again and catch up on everything! We had a great time shooting with the wedding party and had some good laughs with everyone! We got to go to one of our favorite places to shoot in the Dayton area, the Greene! The reception was a lot of fun and we had a good time watching all of the live performances and working with one of our favorite DJ's, Brian Harris! It was a great day for shooting, with perfect weather and a great couple! We had so much fun and hope that everyone enjoys the photos!
Katy and Alex, thank you for having us come spend your wedding day with you! You guys are so much fun and we really enjoyed having plenty of time to shoot with you guys so we could give you the images you deserve!
Click here to view all the photos.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ashley and Lee's PhotoGuestbook

We got to shoot Ashley and Lee's reception here in Ohio, and now that we got to know them a bit I'm bummed we didn't get to do the wedding! Well that's ok it was a destination wedding and we got to shoot some with them anyway! They hired us to do the PhotoGuestbook which we now do for Couple looking to add a little something fun to their receptions but don't want to spend a ton of money to get a photo booth. Thanks for having Marci and I to the party, it was a blast. You two are just the nicest couple and I'm sure you have an amazing life together! To view all of the images, click here. Thanks, Nick

Monday, August 8, 2011

Scott's Batting Practice a GABP!

We met Scott and his group of guys at Great American Ball Park for his Bachelor Party, which was batting practice on the field! They showed up in an Armored Car Stretch limo and we got to take some pictures of them with that, which was really cool! He and his guys took turns slugging pitches and we were there to take pictures it all. It was a lot of fun getting to know the guys before the wedding and just hanging out on the field. We did pictures in the dugout, one the field, and even at the entrance to the clubhouse! It was a fun couple of hours with them and it made us even more excited to shoot the wedding!

Here is a video of one of Scott's times at the plate!

Sarah and Scott and Great American Ball Park!

Sarah and Scott got married at one of the coolest places we have ever shot wedding, home plate of the Cincinnati Reds stadium, Great American Ball Park! When we first met them and found out where they were getting married, we knew we wanted to shoot their wedding. They were two of the nicest, most fun people we have had the pleasure of working with, and the families were a blast too! We went all over downtown Cincinnati shooting pictures at some new spots we found. One of our favorite parts of the day was when we pulled over on the side of the road down by the river to get a shot with everyone in front of the city skyline, and two police officers on Harleys showed up. We thought we were going to have to leave, but it turned out they wanted to let us use their bikes for pictures! How cool! Special thanks to those two officers for letting us do that! The reception was so much fun and it was up in champions club in the stadium, with huge windows that looked out to the field! Toward the end of the night, we even got to go out with all the guests, sit in the seats and watch fireworks! It was a really fun day and we would like to thank everyone again for helping us out with our first kiss shot! It turned out really great!
Sarah and Scott, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your amazing wedding at the ball park! It was so much fun shooting with you guys all day and we can't say thank you enough for giving us so much time with you and your wedding party! You guys really know how to throw a great party and an awesome wedding!

To view all the pictures, click here.

Karen and Andrew

Karen and Andrew are married! It was so exciting because Andrew is my sister-in-law's brother, so basically these two are family. Marci and I had such a great time at their wedding and we were so glad we could be there to document their special day. It was a beautiful wedding and they did a great job planning everything out. One of my favorite memories of the day was when we were at the park, they actually swung on the swings together and it was very cute. It was such a special moment for the two of them. Of course, they had the cutest ring bearers ever, I can't not mention them because they are my nephews. What a great job they did walking down the aisle together; it was so precious. Check out Andrew and Karen's movie below. To see all the rest of the photos just click this link here. I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed photographing them! Congrats to you two, Karen and Andrew! Thanks for having us be there with you guys to help celebrate you new life together. ~Lauren

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Philip's proposal to Leah!

This is quite possibly the coolest thing I was ever able to photograph 12 hours after booking it! I got a call from Philip late afternoon on Wednesday last week, he had been referred by a friend of mine to see if I would be available to shoot him asking is Girlfriend Leah if she would marry him. He was taking a red eye into Dayton and arriving just after 10. His plan was to ask Leah as soon as the saw eachother at the front entrance, it really seemed to me he just couldn't wait another minute without her. My plan was to document what I knew would be one of the best things I'd be a part of during my life as a photographer. I was hiding behind a check-in kiosk and Blake was camped out behind the coffee shop. The lighting was perfect and even the TSA was in on it! It was a little planning and a lot of winging it and I think you'll agree the images are nothing short of AMAZING! Great work Philip! Leah you couldn't have been more perfect being surprised! :) Thanks guys this was beyond awesome!! -Nick

Monday, August 1, 2011

Katie and Andrew's Wedding Adventure!

Katie and Andrew were such a fun couple, full of excitement and love for each other. They had their wedding in the Transportation Center at Carillon Park in Dayton because they are really into traveling together. They were so funny to be around all day and we had so much fun working with them and their super nice family and friends! It was really great to work with a great couple who absolutely adores each other and you could just see that in them by looking at them all day! We took some great stories and jokes away from their wedding and still laugh about some of the funny things everyone said while we were out shooting. We hope you all enjoy the photos!
Katie and Andrew, you are two of the most genuine, kind hearted people I have ever met. Thank you so much for giving us plenty of time with the two of you to do the awesome work that you both deserve. You guys were a blast and we enjoyed every minute of your wedding!
To view all the photos click here. Be sure to watch the show below, or check it out on YouTube!

Vicki and Paul's E-Session!

I met Vicki and Paul at their country club for the engagement session and all the wedding times. It was great to see all the places we are going to shoot and get some inspiration for the wedding! It was great to get to talk to them about what they wanted for the wedding and get to know them a little more. See you guys Friday!

Sarah and Matt's E-Session!

I met Sarah and Matt in Columbus for their E-Session and got to shoot at some of my favorite places! One of the places was also right around the corner from where they met! We had so much fun shooting and talking about the wedding and I can't wait to work with them more on their wedding day!