Hi All! Just wanted to let you know I am doing FREE sessions for Military families through Christmas. If you know someone out there that has a spouse that is deployed and wants photos of theirself with their kids or just pics of the kids I want to shoot them! Not only will I be doing the session free but I'll also be making a show of the images (if they want me to ) to share with them overseas. Holidays are an even tougher time four our service Men and Women and I would love to give them amazing art of their family to make their holiday a little brighter. Spread the word and tell them to call me asap, I'll take good care of them, but then again you already knew that right!

Thanks Friends!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rikki and Tom's Big Day!

Rikki and Tom got married last weekend on top of graduating from college the day before. It was a beautiful ceremony and Rikki did such an amazing job planning the wedding! She looked so gorgeous and her dress was one of the most unique dresses I've ever seen, it was awesome! I have one of the best stories from this wedding now too. The limo kind of broke down as we were about to leave the church and head over to the reception. Now this typically would seem to put a damper on the day but it worked out for the best because I was able to take a few more photos of the bride and groom on this bridge that we otherwise wouldn't have had time to take. Some of my favorite photos of the day were taken in the time we were surprisingly given. And shortly after I finished those photos the limo was back up and running with no problems. We got to the reception and even got pictures of the room with no one in it. It was great. Everything worked out so beautifully and everyone had such a great time. Enjoy the pictures and to see all the rest of them just simply click here! ~Lauren

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Natalie and Justin

This is Natalie and Justin's wedding! They got married on a beautiful day in May. These two are so cute together and I realized quickly at the E-session just how cute they were, so I knew photographing their wedding was going to be adorable! And it was just that! Their faces just lite up when they saw each other for the first time that day! I was able to capture some really great images in the few minutes they had to just be together! The rest of the day was much the same! We had such a great time celebrating with Natalie and Justin! Congrats to you both, you make a wonderful pair! To see all the images from the wedding just click here! ~Lauren

Alice and Nick's wedding in Columbus!

Alice and Nick had their wedding in Columbus on Ohio States campus and it was beautiful! I originally met with Alice in West Chester, then did their engagement session in Oxford on Miami's campus, then we had our planning session in Dayton and shot the wedding in Columbus. During the course of the wedding they traveled from Ohio to Korea, then to Boston. Plus, a lot of their guest were from out of town. It was the most travelling I have ever seen done for a wedding! My favorite part was when they saw each other! They were both really nervous to see each other and as Nick crept up behind her he couldn't wait any longer so he started running to see her and gave her a big hug! It was one of the best reveals we have seen in a long time. Alice and Nick thanks for putting on such a spectacular wedding! You two were great to work with and picked such an inspiring location!
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This was my favortie one of the guys, Nick dancing for the camera!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Maria and Mike in Cincinnati!

I so psyched about shooting Maria and Mike's wedding this August! First they're a laid back kind of couple, Awesome! Also their wedding is at the Newport Aquarium, AWESOME!! We met up in downtown Cincy where they got engaged to shoot their E-Session and we got some great stuff, Heat or not it was a great time! See you two in August! Click here to see the show full size. -Nick

Katie and Bryan at Miami

I got the rare opportunity to shoot an engagement session for clients whos wedding plans were still up in the air. Katie and Bryan wanted to have me create some images for them down at Miami, one of my favorite places to shoot! I've been there so much over the years that I thought I knew all the best places to shoot but they showed me a few more, like the covered bridge, that I will definitely be using in the future! Katie and Bryan are such a nice couple, they were up for anything even in the heat, and I'm really glad we could make it around to so many spots that had great meaning for them. I hope we get to shoot their wedding, cause I would really love to work with them again! Hope to see you guys in June, and thanks for having me down to Oxford! Click here to see the show full size. -Nick

Barbara and Brian's E-Session

When I first met Barbara and Brian the one thing I remembered most about them was how cute they were together. You can really tell the have a deep, caring love for one another. When we met up for their E-Session I was excited to see them together again and get he chance to shoot them intereacting. I can really see the best smiles come out when they are just joking with eachother, it gives me the opportunity to get that laughing smile they are so good at. Hope we can laugh some more in July! Thanks Guys! Click here to see the show full size. -Nick

Friday, June 11, 2010

Amanda and Tony

This is Amanda and Tony's E-session! They are such a sweet couple and I had so much fun shooting their E-session at their adorable home. We did pictures with their tracker and their old ford and many other really cool things. I'm really looking forward to their wedding in October, I know its going to be just beautiful. Enjoy the pictures and we'll see you again in the fall.

Monday, June 7, 2010

808 Studios welcomes Caleb into our extended family!

What an adorable little baby Caleb is! His parents are old friends and past wedding couple Danielle and John who are coming up on their second anniversary. Sittings like this are one of the best parts of my job. It is so awesome to see a couples family growing and catch up with them on life. Caleb you are too cute and I hopt to see in you the spring for your first birthday pics! Click here to see the show full size. -Nick

Friday, June 4, 2010

Allison and Matt at Crossroads!

Allison and Matt are good friends of ours from church and I was really really excited to shoot their wedding in our church! I have been wanting to shoot a wedding there from the moment first walked inside! All the details revolved around them enjoying themselves and spending time with their families. On top of an awesome place to have their wedding, they picked a nice little winery outside of Cincinnati to have the reception. While I love the shots from the Church, my favorites are of them walking in the vines at the winery.
Hope you all enjoy the photos!
Thank you to Allison and Matt. I feel so privileged to be your friend and I felt so privileged to be a part of your wedding. I wish both of you many happpy years to come!

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Meg and AJ in Charleston, SC

Meg is a sister of a good friend of mine and I was so excited when they asked me to shoot their wedding in South Carolina! We had so much fun shooting the two of them during their sunset wedding by the water! They are a fun couple to be around, just like everyone who was at their wedding! We had such a great time with them the whole weekend! One of our favorite parts was watching her dad walk her down the long aisle, you could tell that him and AJ love Meg more than anything. Mike, Megs dad was looking quit dapper in his Charleston suit! AJ's rendition of "I wanna grow old with you" by Adam Sandler was pretty great to see too!
Enjoy the photos!
A special thank you to Meg, AJ, and their families for all of your hospitality. And to Meg and AJ for designing such a beautiful wedding for us to be a part of!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lyndsie and Andrew E-session

So Lyndsie and Andrew met me at this really cool park in Chillicothe last week for their E-session. It was great to spend time talking with and getting to know them both better. Their wedding is coming up here soon and I know its just going to be beautiful! Check back in a couple weeks for pictures from their day of the reception back here in Ohio. ~Lauren

Heather and David

Heather and David are married! What a great wedding this was. We had so much fun shooting these two and Heather just looked so beautiful. It was a cloudy day in May but that was just perfect for our photos because it allowed us to take full of advantage of the great location like Polen Farm. The photos reflect so much love shared by this family and their friends. To see all the rest of the images from the wedding just click here and enjoy. ~Lauren